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January 22, 2018 was the launch date for the latest in Nuance's series of desktop products for dictation, the latest being Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.

It has been 4 1/2 years (June 2013) since the release of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. It is a major release, recommended for almost all users of Dragon Medical Practice Edition as well as users of earlier versions of Dragon Medical. Contraindications are listed below and for the most part can be overcome fairly easily.

For those ready to buy, an upgrade from Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is available,, A full license is needed for those without a Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 license. Both products are available within a business day.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, upgrade from DMPE2. Product is IN STOCK as download-only. DVD copies are available on special request. $599.99





Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 $1599.99

The main reasons for upgrading are:

  • Keeping up with changing Windows and application software. There are improvements for those using Windows 10, Word, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and later versions of other programs.
  • Likely better accuracy and performance. Based on early experiments, with a few accents, the better accuracy is not seen until several pages have been dictated, corrected, and the acoustic optimizer is run. But for those with "standard" accents most are seeing about the same accuracy at first but with faster performance. Over the past 2 months, the only persons not seeing accuracy improvements are those who are typically getting better than 99% accuracy, and these persons are continuing to get that high accuracy.
  • More flexibility in microphone selection and placement, with built-in tablet/laptop microphones being supported and provisions for Audio Gain Control so that accuracy is much better for those people who tend to move their microphones while speaking.
  • Long-term, this is likely the only desktop Dragon Medical product which will be actively maintained. Problems with this product may be corrected by Nuance. At this time, I would bet against Nuance correcting any other problems with previous products such as Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 or earlier versions of Dragon Medical.

Reasons to avoid or to delay upgrading are:

  • Reliance on Firefox as a browser for regular usage. This does not support Firefox, partly because Firefox is going through some massive changes so it would be a moving target for Nuance to claim Firefox support. Chrome support is much better, see if you can use Chrome instead of Firefox. There are rumors that this may be resolved by mid-year.
  • Reliance on the Dragon Remote Microphone App (using a phone for dictation) which is no longer an option. But in this case, you are stuck not being able to change phones and you may not be able to update your phone software without losing this functionality. In many cases the ability to successfully use a built-in microphone eliminates the need to use this app, thus allowing you to upgrade.
  • Moving to the Dragon Medical One cloud-based dictation product.
  • Retirement or otherwise leaving clinical medicine (in which case why are you even reading this?)

If you buy and install this upgrade, at least through the first quarter of 2018 we (and your peers) would appreciate knowing of successes as well as problems. Please let us know post-sale if the upgrade is smooth (or not) and if it works as well or better than prior releases with your EMR. Let us know what EMR you are using, and if possible the detailed version of the EMR. That will help other physicians decide whether or not to upgrade.

I have been in the speech recognition/Dragon business since 1995. I appreciate your prior business with Softnet Systems, Inc. a.k.a. This is the strongest recommendation to upgrade that I have ever offered. That is mainly because of the 4 1/2 years between this and the prior release, giving Nuance substantial time to improve the product. Unless you are seriously interested in the Nuance cloud-based product Dragon Medical One (subscription, roughly $123/month -- I can refer you to someone who is offering this) or getting out of the medical business soon, l'd upgrade. If using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, then you need not rush. If using Dragon Medical Practice Edition (1) then either you upgrade before March 29, 2018 at the $599.99 price or else you will be asked to purchase a new license at the $1599.99 price.


Nuance® Dragon® Medical Practice Edition and other products commonly used in medical offices are discussed at Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 was released in June 2013 and as of late-2017 remains the primary desktop medical product sold to new users. We offer microphones, pre-purchase consultation, installation support, training, and customization services to help make your Dragon experience better.


About Softnet Systems, Inc.

Softnet Systems, Inc. specializes in technical consultation, customization, troubleshooting, and deployment of speech recognition systems, primarily based on Dragon desktop products. We work with doctors, lawyers, other professionals, and with a wide range of other interesting people wanting to or needing to use speech recognition to improve their productivity, their writing, and/or their means of communicating with others. We've written well-respected books, including Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 11 ; and we provide selected speech recognition products primarily based on our consultations, demonstrations, or training with you. In the Phoenix area and throughout Arizona we provide on-site service. Remote Internet services allow us to provide daily service throughout the rest of the world.

Services for Upgrading to Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4

As a service for our upgrade customers, we can remotely update your PC(s) to Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. Our basic cost for doing this from Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is $60 for the first PC then an additional $30 for each additional PC. To do this we utilize remote Internet softward (GoToAssist by Citrix in most cases) and need you to initiate an Internet connection and in many cases grant administrator privileges to install the software. This includes moving your settings, macros/commands and your custom vocabulary. Let us know via email if you wish this service and times that you prefer.


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