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This website has been designed and developed to be accessible with a wide range of browsers and alternative devices.

The Function of the “skip to navigation” Link at This Site

Visitors with text-only browsers or browsers with style sheets (CSS) turned off will see a “skip to navigation” link at the top of the page. This is provided to skip past the content to go directly to the bottom-of-page navigation. This avoids having to scroll through an entire page's content to get to the site navigation.

Anyone can use the accesskey 3 to skip to the navigation, including most users who don't even see the “skip to navigation” link.

Accesskeys at This Site

  • At any time within the site you can use the accesskeys listed below, such as ALT+h to return to the home page of the site.
  • Internet Explorer users may need to click ALT+[Accesskey], then Enter. Mac users may need to click CTRL+[Accesskey], then Enter.
  • Opera 7.02 now supports the accesskey. Opera users need to click SHIFT+ESC+[Accesskey].

Below is a list of the accesskeys available at this site:

Additionally, within the site's navigation links at the bottom of the page you'll see an underlined letter representing the corresponding link's keyboard accesskey, much like you'd see anywhere on your computer to represent the corresponding keystroke.

Increasingly more people are suffering from repetitive strain injury (RSI), especially from so much computer use, preventing or reducing ability to use a mouse. Additionally, many people prefer to use keystrokes rather than a mouse. When handled properly, keystrokes may actually be a faster way to navigate a webpage compared to a mouse.

Isn't the “skip to navigation” Link Sufficient?

While this site's “skip to navigation” link is helpful to users with text-only browsers and browsers with CSS turned off, this link is intentionally invisible to many other devices, including modern browsers. Accesskey support can help users, including those who can't see the “skip to navigation” link but would like to quickly and easily skip to the site navigation with a keystroke.


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