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Dragon Command List

People who build many custom commands often have trouble remembering what they named all their commands. Having a printed list of commands is frequently useful.

A clean list of commands makes it easier for NaturallySpeaking users to learn how to efficiently use the commands. If you don't know the commands, you won't use them!

Optionally, you can choose to list Group names and/or Command Descriptions along with the commands.

What Dragon Command List does not do is to list the commands that are supplied by Nuance along with Dragon. Unfortunately, there is no clean means of getting a list of the supplied commands. That has its benefits, as many forests would be destroyed if all the Dragon users printed a list of all the Dragon commands. Dragon Command List strictly provides lists of the commands that you create.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does Dragon Command List work?

Dragon Command List operates in conjunction with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal, and Dragon Medical functions to export commands. You export the commands you wish to appear in the listing, and Dragon Command List will prepare a list of the commands.

The listing can be in a Comma-Separated format for those who wish to use utilities such as Excel to manipulate the command list. An HTML list is offered for those wishing to incorporate the listing into web-based materials. A TXT format is available for those needing a file to import into Word, WordPerfect, or other word processors.

Why isn't this included with Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

I do not know, ask Nuance!

What are the limitations?

We have run this with thousands of commands. If you find limitations, send us your command file (.xml format, compressed) and we will investigate and update this program for you.

What is the upgrade policy?

Free upgrades via e-mail for 1 year after purchase.

What is the support policy?

E-mail only support for 90 days after purchase. E-mail must include the (compressed) XML file that you are trying to process, plus a description of the problem.

Why does the software go out to the Internet and raise an alarm with my firewall?

This is done to validate the XML file. That is a step that is not generally needed, so it is OK to block the access. It is also OK to allow the access. If you have modified the XML file using a text editor, we suggest enabling this validation to make certain that your edits conform to the rules imposed by Dragon NaturallySpeaking.


Short web-based demonstrations of Dragon Command List can be arranged for businesses interested in Dragon Command List for 20+ users of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Please contact Larry Allen at 602-375-0998 or via e-mail at for further information on the Dragon Command List program, including customizing it for your specific needs.

Trial Copies

Ask, particularly if you have been a regular customer of Systems, Inc. Trial copies are distributed on an ad hoc basis.


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