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10 Keys to Successful Speech Recognition

  1. Choose the right program for your needs.
  2. Use a good microphone.
  3. Position your microphone consistently.
  4. Use an excellent audio system -- USB or sound card.
  5. Don't forget your computer memory- 2GB+ if using Windows XP, 4GB+ for Windows Vista or Windows 7.
  6. Enunciate your words -- consistently.
  7. Build your vocabulary using the tools provided (but not obvious).
  8. Plan to practice -- two to five hours to start.
  9. Obtain help if you become frustrated.
  10. Don't YELL at your computer!

Dragon Cheat Sheet

Print this, copy this, memorize this -- these are the commands that will be most valuable when starting to use NaturallySpeaking. You have permission to copy this for your own use. I suggest putting a copy where you can see it while dictating.

Note: For most modern browsers only the commands on this page will be printed, not any of the web site navigation. In Internet Explorer, Opera, or Netscape 6+ and above you can click File>Print Preview for a preview of the print results.

Basic Commands

  • Microphone OFF
  • New Line
  • New Paragraph
  • Scratch That
  • Undo That
  • Delete Previous <n> Words
  • Go to End of Document
  • Select That
  • Select <word or phrase>
  • Correct That
  • Correct <word or phrase>

Correction Box Commands

  • Choose <n>
  • Click OK
  • Click Train

Control Commands

  • Click File
  • Click Save As
  • Press <name of key>

To Add Words/Phrases

  • Edit Vocabulary

Updated February 2004


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