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Lists for Macros

Many NaturallySpeaking macros can have variable arguments which are lists. Creating these lists isn't difficult, but it is time-consuming.

To simplify this for all users, I've created a set of commands which can be imported which will contain these lists. These commands either do nothing, or in some cases they will print out the written forms of the variables, or in a couple of cases they will actually do something useful. By importing the commands, you import the associated list which can then be used in other commands. In a few cases the command may be useful by itself.

The commands are all of the form "list <name_of_list>". The list name is given below prior to the description of the list.

Warning: Only import the lists that you need. Once you have the command that you really need, delete the "list <name_of_list> command. Bookmark this page and come back if you need other lists. Importing ALL of these lists is guaranteed to result in duplicate command names beginning with the word "list"!

Please send other lists that might have use for other NaturallySpeaking users.

  • Numeric Lists
    Many of these lists are provided in two forms, one with only the numbers, and the second form with the numbers as the written form and a separate spoken form. Those with "_sp_" in the list name include a spoken form.
    • <pcspeak_0_9> 0-9
    • <pcspeak_sp_0_9) 0-9
    • <pcspeak_0_10> 0-10
    • <pcspeak_sp_0_10) 0-10
    • <pcspeak_sp_00_10) 00-10
    • <pcspeak_sp_00_59) 00-59
    • <pcspeak_sp_00_99) 00-99 (the "oh" and "zero" entries may be deleted for some applications)
    • <pcspeak_0_359> 0-359
    • <pcspeak_1_9>, <pcspeak_sp_1_9) 1-9
    • <pcspeak_01_09>, <pcspeak_sp_01_09) 01-09
    • <pcspeak_1_10>, <pcspeak_sp_1_10) 1-10
    • <pcspeak_01_10>, <pcspeak_sp_01_10) 01-10
    • <pcspeak_1_12> 1-12
    • <pcspeak_sp_1_12) 1-12
    • <pcspeak_sp_01_12) 01-12
    • <pcspeak_1_31> 1-31
    • <pcspeak_sp_1_31) 1-31
    • <pcspeak_sp_01_31) 01-31
    • <pcspeak_1_1000> 1-1000
  • Geographic
    Various abbreviations related to geography
    • <pcspeak_us_state_codes> US State abbreviations (Postal codes e.g. AZ/Arizona)
    • <pcspeak_us_states> US States
    • <pcspeak_canada_codes> Canadian provincial postal codes
    • <pcspeak_directions> Directions (N, SW, ENE)
  • Time
    • <pcspeak_month> Names of months
    • <pcspeak_day> Days of week
  • Alphabet
    • <pcspeak_a_z> a-z (including ICA alphabet)
    • <pcspeak_cap_a_z> A-Z (including ICA alphabet)
    • <pcspeak_a._z.> a.-z. (including ICA alphabet)
    • <pcspeak_cap_a._z.> A.-Z. (including ICA alphabet)
  • Computing Stuff
    • <pcspeak_word_styles> Word Styles
    • <clicks> Alternate words for mouse clicking, macro is functional (courtesy of VoiceGroup)
    • <pcspeak_html-1> Common HTML constructs
    • <pcspeak_html-amp> Common HTML terms with "&" (e.g. &nbsp;)
  • Miscellaneous
    • <pcspeak_ticker> Stock Ticker Symbols (limited list)
    • <pcspeak_chemical> Chemical Symbols
    • <bible_book_full> Books of the Bible (thanks to Rose!)
    • <bible_abbrev> Books of the Bible abbreviated (thanks to Rose!)
    • <pcspeak_musicnotes> Notes of the scale (A, B, C#, Db, ...)
    • <universities> US and a few UK colleges and universities (thanks to Tom!)

These lists are common for Releases 8-14. These are available via an e-mail request to specifying your name, contact information, version (Medical, Pro, Legal) and Release (12, 13, 14) of NaturallySpeaking, and a brief statement of the type(s) of commands you intend to develop using these lists.


This page is always under construction! Send more lists! To learn more about writing macros for NaturallySpeaking, including how these lists might be used, the book Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 is recommended.


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