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Nuance Web Site

Nuance (owners of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, formerly ScanSoft) provides a search of their problem database (KnowledgeBase) on their support site. This site has an active user discussion forum which includes vendors like myself answering questions for users.

Start at, take the support path, then NaturallySpeaking. (Their web pages change rapidly -- hunt for a "NaturallySpeaking" link from the home page if taking the support route doesn't get you to their NaturallySpeaking support. Get a broader view of the support facilities directly hosted by Dragon -- they may be helpful to you. The support forum can be quite useful though some users who participate are quite opinionated and get off-topic.


Yahoo Groups

A list server with several groups dealing with speech recognition is at At one time several groups were very active, now most of these are defunct. The archives might still be of use, particularly with problems on older releases. Each of the following groups has its own focus. You'll have to enroll in these separately.

  • VoiceGroup -- probably the largest group, with widespread interests. Ask anything remotely connected to speech recognition and you'll almost certainly get replies. It is now defunct, replaced by material at
  • NatPro-WP8 -- specifically for Dragon macro development, remains active but limited in scope.


Joel Gould's Unofficial Dragon NaturallySpeaking Web Site

One of the chief designers of NaturallySpeaking has information at: Joel's Unofficial NatSpeak Site. This site is outdated, but most of the information is still pertinent if you are looking for concepts. Many details are incorrect past Release 3. A good resource for users of older versions of NaturallySpeaking.


Knowbrainer Forum

The most active North American forum discussing Dragon products. There is marketing going on along with some technical discussion. There is documentation of many problems that have happened with various Dragon products over the years.



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