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Troublesome Words

Most successful speech recognition users have had to resolve problems with specific words. These are hints for dealing with words that give persistent problems:

  • Train the word by itself. Try to use different pronunciations of the word if misrecognition persists.
  • Train the word as part of a phrase. This works especially well if the word is consistently misrecognized as part of a particular phrase.
  • Delete the word, then add it back to the vocabulary. A few common words one can not delete with the NaturallySpeaking Vocabulary Editor. If you still wish to delete the word(s) you can use the VocEdit utility from Joel Gould's web site.
  • Try an alternate pronunciation of the word. That isn't advised unless there are legitimate alternate pronunciations.
  • Add the word using an alternate “spoken form”. For instance, a doctor might regularly use the word “Intal” but not the word “Intel”. If “Intel” keeps appearing, go to the Vocabulary Editor and add:

    Written form: Intal
    Spoken form: Intel

    Or, you could add something like:

    Written form: Intal
    Spoken form: in tell

  • Using Vocabulary Editor or Vocabulary Builder, you can add phrases including the troublesome words. You can also include a “spoken form” with phrases. For instance the name “Jason Kidd” is sometimes misrecognized as “chasing kid”. So instead of training “Jason” and “Kidd” separately you could add:

    Written form: Jason Kidd
    Spoken form: chasing kid


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