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Which Version is Right for You?

Recommendations and suggestions for Dragon editions. As of late 2016, the main choices are Dragon Professional (or Legal) Individual 15, Dragon Professional (or Legal) Group 14, or Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 (or 3 if in UK or Australia)

Note about System Requirements

With Dragon Professional or Legal editions, and Dragon Medical, we assume that one has a system capable of effectively using its features:

  • 2.2GHz, 4GB+ RAM absolute minimum (not recommended except possibly for backup systems)
  • 2.6GHz+, 8GB+ RAM suggested, if faster response time is important to you.

Focus first on upgrading your system or acquiring a new system if it does not meet the suggested configuration.

Q & A

Questions and answers about your needs to help determine which version to consider.

  • Professional?
  • Medical (includes Professional)?
  • Legal (includes Professional)?
Do you write less than two pages per day?
  • Dragon Professional Individual is your likely choice.
Do you use an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system?
  • You may be required to use Dragon Medical Practice Edition. Dragon Professional Individual may not work with your EMR! Starting with Release 10, some EMR's support Dragon dictation only with Dragon Medical. Nuance does NOT support EMR dictation with any product except Dragon Medical. If you are dictating medical material, odds are very good that accuracy will be better with Medical. For more in-depth information on Dragon Medical, please visit our Dragon Medical site.
Do you need to dictate or operate your computer entirely hands-free?
  • If so, get professional help learning the software.
  • NaturallySpeaking allows hands-free use of your system, but in practice one needs a clear understanding of the speech software, an understanding of Windows, plus understanding your applications.


User Profiles

Law Enforcement

Are you working in Law Enforcement?

  • You will get similar results with Professional or Legal products.
  • Please don't think you can buy this software and then put it into a squad car without LOTS of effort -- there are many nasty issues to be addressed in that environment. Dictating while in an office environment is easier.

Is your writing “legal” in style and vocabulary?

  • According to the manufacturer, you will get best results with Dragon Legal due to its Legal Language Model. We've seen no studies that show superiority, and our own experience is that the Legal vocabulary has a different set of problems than the general English vocabulary used in Dragon Professional.
  • Formatting of citations may not be consistent with what is required for your jurisdictions, and there is no practical means to change its formatting rules.
  • Citation formatting works best with US Federal court citations.
Which Edition?

You will get similar results with Professional or Legal. Best practice is to take at least 1-2 hours the first time you use it for vocabulary analysis. The more legal language you write, the larger the advantage of the Legal vocabulary. In other words, an appellate lawyer will get more benefit from the Legal vocabulary than a family lawyer.


For more in-depth information on Dragon Medical options, please visit our Dragon Medical site.


Large Organizations

Are you part of a large organization? If so, we can help you create custom vocabularies that can be distributed to other users of the Professional/Medical products. Alternately, contact us regarding other development methodologies whereby we can create custom commands that can be used with ANY version of NaturallySpeaking. Large organizations are more likely to benefit from the features found in the "Group" products. Large medical organizations (more than 24 MD's) should go to Nuance for acquiring Dragon products.

Writing a Book/Memoirs

Are you writing the Great American Novel? Are you writing your memoirs? Dragon Professional Individual is the proper choice.

Multiple Styles of Material

Do you write multiple styles of material? For instance, do you practice law during the day but have a hobby of writing mystery stories on the weekend? If so, the Professional/Medical/Legal products allow multiple "topics" per person which may save you time.

Data Collection (Spreadsheet Usage)

If you do data collection, then there can be outstanding benefits of using the Professional Edition to expedite the recording of your data. Dictating directly into spreadsheets, or dictating data into a recorder then playing it back to be processed into spreadsheets, tables, or other organized and regular formats may take a while to set up, but can save huge amounts of time.

Buying for a Group of Users

Are you buying for a group of users? Ask for licensing options.


The Competition: Alternatives to Dragon NaturallySpeaking


Microsoft has speech recognition included with Office-XP, Office-2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10.

With Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10, many report good accuracy for ordinary prose. Some aspects of the program, such as web surfing, are very good. But the user interface lacks the refinement of NaturallySpeaking. Specialized vocabulary is difficult to support with Windows speech recognition.

Need Help?

We're also happy to discuss your needs with you to help ensure you get the products and accessories best suited for your particular needs.

If you're ready to purchase, Dragon is available through our online store.


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