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5, 6, and 10 Point Scale Dictation

The following word list can be used to add some common medical phrases dealing with 5-point, 6-point, and 10-point scales. It is suggested that you copy the list, then delete the dictation forms that you do not utilize. For instance, when this list is introduced, you could say either:

four out of five
four over five

and you should get "4/5" in your document -- after you have done some corrections to "tell" NaturallySpeaking to use these forms. ELIMINATE THE FORMS YOU DO NOT DICTATE!

As with all phrase lists, save these in a TEXT (.txt) file so that they can be imported into NaturallySpeaking using the Vocabulary Builder. Introduce the list of phrases using the "Add new words from file" in the Options section of the Vocabulary Builder. Release 6 and 7 users may go to Words, then Import as an alternate means of introducing this list of phrases.

1-2\one to two
2-3\two to three
2-4\two to four
2-5\two to five
3-4\three to four
3-5\three to five
4-5\four to five
5-6\five to six
6-7\six to seven
7-8\seven to eight
8-9\eight to nine
9-10\nine to ten
/10\over ten
/5\over 5
/6\over 6
/10\out of ten
/5\out of 5
/6\out of 6
0-10 pain scale\zero to ten pain scale
0/10\zero over ten
1/10\one over ten
2/10\two over ten
3/10\three over ten
4/10\four over ten
5/10\five over ten
6/10\six over ten
7/10\seven over ten
8/10\eight over ten
9/10\nine over ten
10/10\ten over ten
0/10\zero out of ten
1/10\one out of ten
2/10\two out of ten
3/10\three out of ten
4/10\four out of ten
5/10\five out of ten
6/10\six out of ten
7/10\seven out of ten
8/10\eight out of ten
9/10\nine out of ten
10/10\ten out of ten
0/5\zero over five
1/5\one over five
2/5\two over five
3/5\three over five
4/5\four over five
5/5\five over five
0/5\zero out of five
1/5\one out of five
2/5\two out of five
3/5\three out of five
4/5\four out of five
5/5\five out of five
0/6\zero over six
1/6\one over six
2/6\two over six
3/6\three over six
4/6\four over six
5/6\five over six
6/6\six over six
0/6\zero out of six
1/6\one out of six
2/6\two out of six
3/6\three out of six
4/6\four out of six
5/6\five out of six
6/6\six out of six
1-\one minus
2-\two minus
3-\three minus
4-\four minus
5-\five minus
6-\six minus
7-\seven minus
8-\eight minus
9-\nine minus
10-\ten minus
0+\zero plus
1+\one plus
2+\two plus
3+\three plus
4+\four plus
5+\five plus
6+\six plus
7+\seven plus
8+\eight plus
9+\nine plus
(0-10)\0 to ten


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