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Code Citation Dictation (Legal)

Citations were not made to be dictated! If you are reading this, I presume that you have your own style of dictating them, and your secretary understands that style. But odds are high that NaturallySpeaking will not understand that style. Dragon Legal will understand many common phrases and abbreviate them properly, but that is only part of the issue.

If you have frequently-cited cases, you may create your own macro/command for each of these, fully-formatted (Legal and Pro versions only). With a trick you can do this in even with the Preferred Edition.

Following is a word/phrase list which can be imported into NaturallySpeaking via the Vocabulary Builder. Add this as a word list and select the option to NOT change the language model when you add these. Unless you are a lucky lawyer, you will find that you will need to use them a few times and make corrections before these phrases will consistently work correctly.

Starting with Release 7, after importing this word list, you (or your assistant) should go to the Vocabulary Editor to edit the Properties of each entry so that there is no leading space. In most cases, changing these so that each has no preceding space is appropriate. (Changing the properties so that they have neither a preceding space or a following space requires one to dictate "space bar" after the citation.)

As an example of how these are supposed to work, dictating:


would require saying:

fifteen paren lower a paren five

If you have a different style of dictating these references, you can modify this list to conform to your dictation style. Or, document your style and let us modify the list (we can bill by the 1/10 of an hour increments if this makes you feel better). But this will only work if you consistently specify upper case v. lower case, roman v. arabic numerals, etc.

This list was recently changed to conform to Release 11 standards by taking out the periods following the letters. This may create problems if used this on Release 9 or earlier. If you are a lawyer using software that old, please contact us for an upgrade!

(a)\paren lower A
(b)\paren lower B
(c)\paren lower C
(d)\paren lower D
(e)\paren lower E
(f)\paren lower F
(g)\paren lower G
(h)\paren lower H
(i)\paren lower I
(ii)\paren lower I I
(iii)\paren lower I I I
(iv)\paren lower I V
(v)\paren lower V
(vi)\paren lower V I
(vii)\paren lower V I I
(viii)\paren lower V I I I
(ix)\paren lower I X
(x)\paren lower X
(j)\paren lower J
(k)\paren lower K
(l)\paren lower L
(m)\paren lower M
(n)\paren lower N
(o)\paren lower O
(p)\paren lower P
(q)\paren lower Q
(r)\paren lower R
(s)\paren lower S
(t)\paren lower T
(u)\paren lower U
(w)\paren lower W
(y)\paren lower Y
(z)\paren lower Z
(1)\paren one
(2)\paren two
(3)\paren three
(4)\paren four
(5)\paren five
(6)\paren six
(7)\paren seven
(8)\paren eight
(9)\paren nine
(10)\paren ten
(A)\paren upper A
(B)\paren upper B
(C)\paren upper C
(D)\paren upper D
(E)\paren upper E
(F)\paren upper F
(G)\paren upper G
(H)\paren upper H
(I)\paren upper I
(II)\paren upper I I
(III)\paren upper I I I
(IV)\paren upper I V
(V)\paren upper V
(VI)\paren upper V I
(VII)\paren upper V I I
(VIII)\paren upper V I I I
(IX)\paren upper I X
(X)\paren upper X
(J)\paren upper J
(K)\paren upper K
(L)\paren upper L
(M)\paren upper M
(N)\paren upper N
(O)\paren upper O
(P)\paren upper P
(Q)\paren upper Q
(R)\paren upper R
(S)\paren upper S
(T)\paren upper T
(U)\paren upper U
(W)\paren upper W
(Y)\paren upper Y
(Z)\paren upper Z


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