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Dimensional Measurements

In some fields of medicine, as well as other endeavors, measurements are needed. Following is a list that can assist people who dictate dimensional measurements such as "4.7 x 6.2". Copy this, paste it as text into a .txt file, and add the words into DNS.

By Release 10, Dragon got this right most of the time so this list is applicable primarily for those with Release 9 and earlier versions of Dragon.

x 0.1\by zero point one
x 0.2\by zero point two
x 0.3\by zero point three
x 0.4\by zero point four
x 0.5\by zero point five
x 0.6\by zero point six
x 0.7\by zero point seven
x 0.8\by zero point eight
x 0.9\by zero point nine
x 1\by one
x 1.1\by one point one
x 1.2\by one point two
x 1.3\by one point three
x 1.4\by one point four
x 1.5\by one point five
x 1.6\by one point six
x 1.7\by one point seven
x 1.8\by one point eight
x 1.9\by one point nine
x 2\by two
x 2.1\by two point one
x 2.2\by two point two
x 2.3\by two point three
x 2.4\by two point four
x 2.5\by two point five
x 2.6\by two point six
x 2.7\by two point seven
x 2.8\by two point eight
x 2.9\by two point nine
x 3\by three
x 3.1\by three point one
x 3.2\by three point two
x 3.3\by three point three
x 3.4\by three point four
x 3.5\by three point five
x 3.6\by three point six
x 3.7\by three point seven
x 3.8\by three point eight
x 3.9\by three point nine
x 4\by four
x 4.1\by four point one
x 4.2\by four point two
x 4.3\by four point three
x 4.4\by four point four
x 4.5\by four point five
x 4.6\by four point six
x 4.7\by four point seven
x 4.8\by four point eight
x 4.9\by four point nine
x 5\by 5
x 5.1\by five point one
x 5.2\by five point two
x 5.3\by five point three
x 5.4\by five point four
x 5.5\by five point five
x 5.6\by five point six
x 5.7\by five point seven
x 5.8\by five point eight
x 5.9\by five point nine
x 6\by six
x 6.1\by six point one
x 6.2\by six point two
x 6.3\by six point three
x 6.4\by six point four
x 6.5\by six point five
x 6.6\by six point six
x 6.7\by six point seven
x 6.8\by six point eight
x 6.9\by six point nine
x 7\by 7
x 7.1\by seven point one
x 7.2\by seven point two
x 7.3\by seven point three
x 7.4\by seven point four
x 7.5\by seven point five
x 7.6\by seven point six
x 7.7\by seven point seven
x 7.8\by seven point eight
x 7.9\by seven point nine
x 8\by 8
x 8.1\by eight point one
x 8.2\by eight point two
x 8.3\by eight point three
x 8.4\by eight point four
x 8.5\by eight point five
x 8.6\by eight point six
x 8.7\by eight point seven
x 8.8\by eight point eight
x 8.9\by eight point nine
x 9\by 9
x 9.1\by nine point one
x 9.2\by nine point two
x 9.3\by nine point three
x 9.4\by nine point four
x 9.5\by nine point five
x 9.6\by nine point six
x 9.7\by nine point seven
x 9.8\by nine point eight
x 9.9\by nine point nine
x 10\by ten
x 10.1\by ten point one
x 10.2\by ten point two
x 10.3\by ten point three
x 10.4\by ten point four
x 10.5\by ten point five
x 10.6\by ten point six
x 10.7\by ten point seven
x 10.8\by ten point eight
x 10.9\by ten point nine
x 11\by eleven
x 11.1\by eleven point one
x 11.2\by eleven point two
x 11.3\by eleven point three
x 11.4\by eleven point four
x 11.5\by eleven point five
x 11.6\by eleven point six
x 11.7\by eleven point seven
x 11.8\by eleven point eight
x 11.9\by eleven point nine
x 12\by twelve
x 12.1\by twelve point one
x 12.2\by twelve point two
x 12.3\by twelve point three
x 12.4\by twelve point four
x 12.5\by twelve point five
x 12.6\by twelve point six
x 12.7\by twelve point seven
x 12.8\by twelve point eight
x 12.9\by twelve point nine
x 13\by thirteen
x 13.1\by thirteen point one
x 13.2\by thirteen point two
x 13.3\by thirteen point three
x 13.4\by thirteen point four
x 13.5\by thirteen point five
x 13.6\by thirteen point six
x 13.7\by thirteen point seven
x 13.8\by thirteen point eight
x 13.9\by thirteen point nine
x 14\by fourteen
x 14.1\by fourteen point one
x 14.2\by fourteen point two
x 14.3\by fourteen point three
x 14.4\by fourteen point four
x 14.5\by fourteen point five
x 14.6\by fourteen point six
x 14.7\by fourteen point seven
x 14.8\by fourteen point eight
x 14.9\by fourteen point nine
x 15\by fifteen
x 15.1\by fifteen point one
x 15.2\by fifteen point two
x 15.3\by fifteen point three
x 15.4\by fifteen point four
x 15.5\by fifteen point five
x 15.6\by fifteen point six
x 15.7\by fifteen point seven
x 15.8\by fifteen point eight
x 15.9\by fifteen point nine
x 16\by sixteen
x 16.1\by sixteen point one
x 16.2\by sixteen point two
x 16.3\by sixteen point three
x 16.4\by sixteen point four
x 16.5\by sixteen point five
x 16.6\by sixteen point six
x 16.7\by sixteen point seven
x 16.8\by sixteen point eight
x 16.9\by sixteen point nine
x 17\by seventeen
x 17.1\by seventeen point one
x 17.2\by seventeen point two
x 17.3\by seventeen point three
x 17.4\by seventeen point four
x 17.5\by seventeen point five
x 17.6\by seventeen point six
x 17.7\by seventeen point seven
x 17.8\by seventeen point eight
x 17.9\by seventeen point nine
x 18\by eighteen
x 18.1\by eighteen point one
x 18.2\by eighteen point two
x 18.3\by eighteen point three
x 18.4\by eighteen point four
x 18.5\by eighteen point five
x 18.6\by eighteen point six
x 18.7\by eighteen point seven
x 18.8\by eighteen point eight
x 18.9\by eighteen point nine
x 19\by nineteen
x 19.1\by nineteen point one
x 19.2\by nineteen point two
x 19.3\by nineteen point three
x 19.4\by nineteen point four
x 19.5\by nineteen point five
x 19.6\by nineteen point six
x 19.7\by nineteen point seven
x 19.8\by nineteen point eight
x 19.9\by nineteen point nine
x 20\by twenty


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