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Medical Transcriptionists (or other persons who spend MANY hours per week transcribing technical text of any type) used to find assistance at, but that web site no longer exists. One can access an archived version of that web site by going to and entering as the site you'd like to see. Then choose the December 5, 2006 version of the archive to view. The archives may be more valuable than the current discussion since the excellent moderator has quit contributing.

I've dealt with Medical Transcriptionists and other transcriptionists and understand that their needs are substantially different from the needs of doctors or other professionals. The ability to type well and the economic need to produce documents at a high rate make use of speech recognition by transcriptionists different than for other professionals.

Most transcriptionists are "echo dictating" whereby they listen and dictate/regurgitate the text as they are listening. A few are processing incoming audio files directly with Dragon, then editing. For this, products such as Transcription Aide may be beneficial.

Licensing should be considered. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is licensed on a per-user (speaker) basis, which works fine for echo dictating but not so well when processing recorded speech. Preferred, Professional, Legal and Medical versions are all in use by transcriptionists.


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