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Adding Words with Vocabulary Builder

For most cases, the "Add Words from Documents” in the Accuracy Center or else running VocTool which is included with some editions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Dragon Medical is advised. Why?

  1. First, the vocabulary optimization optionally done as a part of vocabulary/user creation is seriously flawed. It presumes that whatever is in your "My Documents" folder represents your writing. Furthermore, it presumes that adding all the new words it finds is best.
    Words are your product -- you need to choose them, particularly the “words” that are unusual enough that NaturallySpeaking doesn't know them at all. It presumes that all lower-case words not in the DNS dictionaries are typos so does not add them.
  2. Second, you need to pick what files are representative of your writing. The Vocabulary Optimizer options are fine if My Documents contains primarily documents that are YOUR work product or language similar to what you user, and you don't have substantial documents elsewhere.
  3. Third, VocTool gives information about new words such as frequency of use. If something shows up as being used only once and you don't know if it is spelled correctly, you can choose not to add it.
  4. Fourth, with VocTool you can add spoken forms to the acronyms and unusual words as part of the vocabulary-building process.
  5. Fifth, we don't like to change :-) Vocabulary Buildertm was important enough to Dragon Systems to trademark back in 1997. It is still important today. It may take longer to use VocTool, but you will save time in the long run with better accuracy.

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