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Before Purchase - Medical Dictation

Verbose Reasons for Questions -- Details for the Curious

  • Basic Question 1: EMR matters because some EMR's require extra steps for each text field. In those EMR's, the advantages of a microphone with programmable buttons is huge.
  • Basic Question 2: Length of notes and the amount of daily dictation varies by specialty. In some specialties dictating in front of the patient makes much more sense than in other specialties. Some specialties have more opportunities for standardized text than others.
  • Basic Question 3: How to configure Dragon or other dictation software is different depending upon where it is going to be used. That may affect how many installations of Dragon are needed. Recorders aren't typically needed if one only dictates in one place.
  • Basic Question 4: A transition plan is important, particularly if moving away from conventional transcription.
  • Basic Question 5: Underpowered PC's are one of the primary reasons for failure to continue to use speech recognition. If upgrading your PC is needed, that is additional cost which must be considered in your decision. Slower PC's may still be useful for processing recorded speech.
  • Basic Question 6: If hair shouldn't be disturbed, then hand-held or desktop microphones are preferred.
  • Basic Question 7: We can not sell Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 to practices with 25 or more MD's and DO's.
  • Assistance Question 1: This is the most commonly-reported problem, and has several possible solutions
  • Assistance Question 2: In our experience, 80% of doctors could easily save time by learning how to better handle repeated text. In some cases that is best done within the EMR, in other cases Dragon is a better tool.
  • Assistance Question 3: There are several pieces of equipment sold but relatively difficult to use effectively.
  • Assistance Question 4: There are several non-obvious ways to configure Dragon.
  • Assistance Question 5: Recorders are sometimes not the best answers when using EMR's or certain types of forms. If considering a recorder, who is going to handle the processing of recorded speech?
  • Assistance Question 6: Performance problems aren't always solved by buying the newest and fastest PC.
  • Assistance Question 7: Doctors sometimes need no-hands operation because of upper extremity problems, infection control, wanting to dictate while both hands are busy, or other reasons. Dozens of hours of customization is sometimes necessary to provide commands that allow no-hands computer operation, even in a limited set of applications.
  • Trying Again Question 1: We'd like to prevent a recurrence of your problems. But there has also been a huge improvement since we started in this business in 1996.
  • Trying Again Question 2: Do-it-yourself has its limitations. Those who don't regularly deal with speech software may not understand that it isn't like most other programs.
  • Trying Again Question 3: Handling of some accents has improved dramatically. We know better which accents are handled well and which continue to be problematic for some users. Generally-speaking, it is easier to deal with clear accented speech than slurred non-accented speech.
  • Trying Again Question 4: Microphones and computer audio systems can make a huge difference in results.
  • Trying Again Question 5: If your version is 2008 or later, you may qualify for an upgrade to the latest version of Dragon software.


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