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Training and Consulting

Help comes in many forms. Ideally you'll have an expert at your side whenever you are using the program and encounter a problem. For the first few days of your usage of Dragon Medical, this can be arranged -- we can “camp out” at your office while people are starting to use Dragon Medical. But for most doctors, this approach is too expensive or intrusive.

More commonly, doctors benefit from instruction to learn the product more quickly. Depending upon your needs, Softnet (a.k.a. pcspeak) can

  • Provide advice regarding deployment of Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 for your specific situation.
  • Evaluate your computer systems and suggest upgrades/replacements prior to deployment of Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. INADEQUATE COMPUTER SYSTEMS ARE THE MOST COMMON CAUSE OF FAILED DRAGON MEDICAL INSTALLATIONS.
  • Install Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and associated software including appropriate, customized configuration based on your needs.
  • Provide basic instruction on utilizing Dragon.
  • Provide advanced instruction on utilizing Dragon.
  • Work with your IT staff to train them to train other users within your organization and/or install additional systems.
  • In case of problems with Dragon, work with Nuance Tech Support to resolve or work around the problems
  • Customize Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 according to your needs.

Pricing can be established on an hourly basis or, for larger jobs, at a fixed price for a defined set of tasks. Call us to discuss your specific needs.

Prefer Written Documentation?

Some people prefer written documentation. Besides the manuals provided by Dragon Systems, there are books available to users.

  • Our Release 11 book, Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11, is specifically aimed at customization. It is equally applicable to Dragon Medical.
  • Another book, a Fastrack Learning Guide ($50), is suitable for a beginner learning to use the entire computer system by voice.
  • Specialized documentation is available for using Dragon Medical with Word, Excel, Outlook, and QuickBooks. E-mail us for details.
  • The older books that you will find at Amazon and similar sources are not very useful for Dragon Medical instruction.

Prefer a Video?

We carry a training DVD series that, while origianally created for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the vast majority of the series is applicable to Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

Want Personal Help?

Softnet Systems services clients around the country via remote Internet service, telephone, fax, and e-mail. Larry Allen has over 40 years experience providing remote software support (yes, I was doing remote support in the 1970's!). Ed Hancock spent many years as a university professor.

Softnet Systems will travel! Call for details. Mid-summer, when it is VERY hot in Phoenix, you may be surprised how fast we can arrange a trip to a cooler climate.

Different practices have different needs including different needs for instruction. Some of our clients need to be taught how to use the computer, others are expert computer users and want specific consultation in Dragon details.

Referrals in Your Area

With speech recognition, we have learned that for some types of issues, face-to-face contact is extremely important. Unfortunately, there are only a few hundred people around the country able to do this effectively. Please ask us for a referral to a person in your area who may help. In many areas, remote support may be your best option.

Customization Services

Customization services include command/macro creation and vocabulary building. Contact us to discuss your customization needs. Services are available to individuals looking to customize for their own use as well as to organizations customizing for broad-scale use. We have provided customization services to dozens of other Dragon dealers.


Showing that speech recognition is a productivity tool is exciting. But demonstrations take considerable time (typically 2-3 hours including preparation and travel time), so we restrict on-site demonstrations to:

  1. situations where there are several persons planning to acquire Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 software within the next few weeks, or
  2. situations where we are paid for our time to demonstrate speech recognition, or
  3. groups of 50 or more medical professionals who may be seriously interested in this technology, or
  4. other situations where you convince us it is worthwhile to demonstrate.

For other situations, we welcome your inquiries and will do our best to explain the technology on the telephone combined with using remote Internet demonstrations. But with over 200,000 users of Nuance Dragon Medical, it isn't a matter of whether or not it works. It is a matter of whether it will be effective for you on your systems and your environment, and a demo won't be on your systems nor will it be in your environment.

Speech Recognition Sales and Support

Product support is available for purchases from most sellers. Independent sellers can supplement the limited vendor support. Or you may buy Nuance support including upgrade assurance.


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