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Nuance Dragon Medical System 2 Requirements and Recommendations

System Recommendations for a New System - 2017

obtain systems with either the Windows 10 operating systems.

The system CPU (including its L2/L3 cache) and the amount of system RAM are most important.

You have the most choice in choosing your CPU.

We most often recommend Intel i7 CPU's with clock speeds of 2.5GHz or faster. The exception is that the "low voltage" i7 which has long battery life is slower for those using Dragon. i5 CPU's are generally not as fast, but the faster i5 CPU's are adequate for many Dragon users. Newer (less expensive) i3 CPU's are adequate for many users but will delay power users. L3 cache of 4MB or more is desirable, and best performance is seen when L3 cache is at 6MB or higher.

While not an exact predictor of Dragon performance, the PassMark scores offered at the website are a guide to CPU performance. We suggest buying systems with CPU's having a PassMark score of at least 5000 if performance is important, 4000 or higher if this is in use for professional purposes. CPU's with scores in the 2500-4000 range will work OK for some customers. But it makes little economic sense to buy a new system for heavy usage with a score of under 5000.

If the above sounds complicated, it is! There are literally 100's of CPU models on the market at any time and many of the differences are subtle. Usually I suggest shopping for the overall system then checking the CPU's for the few systems that you are seriously considering. In general, faster CPU's cost more so don't expect a bargain system to perform as well as a higher-priced one.

RAM is important. For Windows-10 a minimum of 4GB RAM is required and 6GB or more is recommended. If your system use consists of more than Dragon and either an EMR system or Word, then we suggest additional RAM. 8GB on a 64-bit operating system is normally sufficient.


Windows 10, Intel i7 with 8GB+ RAM.


On some but not all multiprocessor systems, additional speed on Dragon Medical can be obtained by setting the CPU "affinity" to restrict Dragon to using a single CPU. Contact us and we can send instructions for this based upon your operating system, CPU type, and software version. Dragon 10 benefits from this much more than Dragon Medical Practice Edition. This change is seldom needed for Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.


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