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These products are licensed PER USER. Two users, one machine requires two licenses. One user, two machines requires one license.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15

Dragon Professional Individual 15 is the latest release for English.

Typically Professional Individual 15 is available at a lower (2/3) price via offers made directly from Nuance. So we are not offering the product for sale at this time.

Books and Videos

The Release 11 Scripting book applies to Release 15. There are no changes in the Advanced Scripting language for Release 15.

Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 11

A Guide to Advanced Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 11
by Larry V. Allen

Unlock the potential of NaturallySpeaking Professional 11 by building custom voice commands.

The Advanced Scripting language is identical for Professional 12-15, Legal 12-15, and Dragon Medical Practice Edition (1-3) so this book applies to those products. It is also applicable for Release 10 users.

More Information

more information about Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 11

Dragon Medical Supplemental Training Program DVD

Training DVD, originally intended for training of Dragon Medical users, that applies greatly to users of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10, 11, and 12 Professional and Legal.

More Information

more information about Dragon Medical Supplemental Training Program DVD

Remaining DVD's may be sent at no charge upon specific request



Bottom line is that they work very well in limited cases. But introduce noise, movement, need for templates, need for commands, etc. into the equation for usage and there may be serious problems.

Most commonly we will recommed either Philips Professional or Olympus Professional recorders to use with Dragon.


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