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[Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8, by Larry V. Allen]

Following is a list of commands (macros) described in Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8. You do not need to type or dictate the text of the macros as they are available for download below.

In most cases, the downloaded macro starts with the word "sample" which does not appear in the book. Where the book has two versions with the same macro name, the second version in the downloaded macros starts with the word "example."

PagesCommand/Macro Name
15-16 sample mole removal risks
17-18 sample mole risk insert
18-19 sample mole removal surgery
19-21 sample mole removal surgery <1to5>

Note: on Page 21, the text omits the word "removal" in its example of saying "mole removal surgery 14"
24-26 sample open sales tax

The example will work on Windows-XP and Windows-2000 systems using the C: drive as the default.

sample save for signature

The directory used in this example needs change on almost all systems.

33-35 sample yesterday
36-37 sample what time is it
37-38 example save for signature

sample control panel screen saver

sample control panel audio


sample control panel <applet>

Many OS dependencies, will probably be posted with revisions late December.

40 sample macro one
41 sample email subjects
42 sample show window title
42-43 sample current mouse position
52-56 sample <stage> acne
56-58 sample part number <dnsversion>
59-61 sample Hearing <month> <day> <time>

sample <n1to10> by <n1to10> by <n1to10> <dimension>

Note change from "1to10" to "n1to10" to avoid conflict with a list used by built-in commands.


example <n1to10> by <n1to10> by <n1to10> <dimensionsymbol>

Note change from "1to10" to "n1to10" to avoid conflict with a list used by built-in commands.

69sample phone number <phonelist>
69-73 sample part <alpha> <digit> <digit>

sample outline <roman_numeral> <uppercaseAlpha> <digitperiod> <lowercaseAlpha> <lowercaseRoman>

and subsets of the above.

(Note there will be an errata page for page 73 posted by December 8)

75-81 sample two boxes
82-84sample choose format
113-115sample document <name_of_document_template>
117-118sample insert <insertable>

Copyright, Legal Information

This macro set is copyrighted © by Softnet Systems, Inc. 2003. Permission is granted for individuals to download one copy of these macros for their personal use. No permission is granted for any commercial distribution of these in whole or in part. Contact Softnet Systems, Inc. for permissions for usage of these macros for other than personal use. Purchasing of the book Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 is not required to download and use these macros. Be aware that some of the macros make little sense without the book.

The file r8scripting.dat below contains these macros for downloading. These macros may be imported into a Release 8 system. The Word-specific macros currently posted (December 6) are based on Word-2003 and need references changed for Word-2000 or Word-2002. They may not work with Word-97, but DNS 8 does not support Word-97 and performance seems abysmal with Word-97 in one test. Copy the text, delete the macro, and recreate it for Word-2000 or Word-2002 usage. Modified versions of these macros may be posted during December.

We make no promises that these macros will work on your particular system, in your environment. These are intended as examples for educational purposes. As such, we are aware that there may be more efficient means of performing some of these functions.

Download Macros

Download Release 8 Macros (r8scripting.dat)

Download Release 8 Multi-List Macro (r8multilist.dat, added May 2005)


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