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Dragon Medical Training DVD

"Dragon Medical Supplemental Training Program" DVD

About the DVD

Though created for Dragon Medical 10, this comprehensive video training contains valuable training which also applies to Dragon NaturallySpeaking release 10 -15 as well as Dragon Medical Practice Edition. About 80% of the material covered is useful for NaturallySpeaking users or IT professionals supporting users of DragonNaturallySpeaking. This is a great alternative to face to face training for those who may have time constraints or who prefer to learn at their own pace. Total runtime is 5 hours, 20 minutes.

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The Table of Contents is as follows:

Introduction (1:09)

Module 1 (5:59)-System Requirements, Operating Systems Supported, Software Installation

Module 2 (15:41)- Software Installation, Product Registration, Product Activation; Creating a New User, Audio Setup Wizard, Initial Training; Adapt Dragon Medical to your writing style and Accuracy Tuning

Module 3 (7:19)- General Training, Special Training, Natural Language Commands

Module 4 (10:56)- Export, Import, Backup, Restore

Module 5 (7:48)- Using Multiple Vocabularies; Adding a New Dictation Source

Module 6 (14:29)- The Microphone; Controlling the Microphone with the Mouse; Controlling the Microphone with a Hot Key; Controlling the Microphone with Voice Commands; Specify the Minutes of Silence before Putting the Microphone into Sleep Mode; The DragonBar Modes; The DragonBar Volume Display , Select and Say Indicator, Message Area

Module 7 (16:58)- The Extras Tool Bar; Select and Correct Commands / Correction Menu; Select and Say Correction / Controlling the Correction Menu; Third Party Transcription, Correction Only Mode; Transcribe a Recording; User Name / Open User

Module 8 (07:08)- Saving a Document; Save recorded dictation with document; Disk space reserved for playback

Module 9 (4:59)- The Results Box and Saying a Command; Closing the Results Box

Module 10 (19:38)- Saying a Command; Using Microsoft Word / What Can I Say; The Select and Correct Commands; Quick Voice Formatting; Changes to Command Options; Punctuation, Auto Punctuation; Optional Ess; Capitalize the Word after a New Line; Improving Dictation Accuracy: Training a Word; Improving Dictation Accuracy: Adding a Word to the Vocabulary

Module 11 (12:16) The General Tab, The Capitalization Tab, The Numbers, Unit, and Dates Tab; The Abbreviations Tab, The Miscellaneous Tab; Caps Lock Key Overrides Capitalization Commands

Module 12 (26:20)- Custom Commands (Macros); Creating a Custom Command; MyCommands Editor; The Command Browser The Command Browser: Browse Mode, Script Mode, Manage Mode, MyCommands Mode; Export Custom commands, Import Custom Commands; Two New Groups in the Command Browser

Module 13 (16:52)- Adding Variables; Voice Fields - Variable Fields - Dragon Templates; Variable Delimiters; Voice Fields: Summary; Keyboard Shortcut for the Next Field Command; Voice Command to Accept Default Variables and Remove Delimiting Characters

Module 14 (33:06)- Add Individual Word to the Vocabulary; Assign a Word Category While Adding a New Word to the Vocabulary; The Vocabulary Editor; The Vocabulary Editor: Adding a Phrase , Adding an Acronym; The Vocabulary Editor: Adding a File Extension , Word Properties; Word Properties: Use Alternate Written Form; Export Custom Words, Import Custom Words

Module 15 (8:30)- Switch between Recognition Modes; Normal Mode / Dictation Mode; Command Mode / Numbers Mode / Spell Mode; Force Command Recognition / Force Dictation Recognition

Module 16 (13:22)- The Dictation Box, The Dictation Box Settings; The Hidden Mode, Limitations of the Hidden Mode; Hidden Mode Text Buffer Indicator / Exit Dictation Box after Transferring Text; The Dictation Box has Two Modes of Operation: Anchored Mode and Unanchored Mode; DragonPad

Module 17 (13:45)- Run the Acoustic and Language Model Optimizer; Schedule Acoustic and Language Model Optimizer to run later; Accuracy Tuning

Module 18 (14:49)- The Roaming User Feature, The Roaming User Settings; Path to Local Directory for Cache, Changing a Local User to a Roaming User

Module 19 (8:14)- Export Custom Words; The Data Distribution Tool; Path to Shared Files

Module 20 (8:25)- Desktop Search, Web Search / E-mail, Medical Website Search; Disable Voice Shortcuts

Module 21 (22:46)- The PowerMic II; Add the PowerMic II as a New Input Source; Programming the PowerMic II Buttons, Assigning a Command to a PowerMic II Button; Digital Recorders; Add the digital recorder as a new input source; Record your speech into the digital recorder, Transfer your recorded speech to your computer; Let Dragon Medical 10 adapt to your recorded voice, Transcribe Recorded Dictation

Module 22 (15:37) Accuracy Center, Which tool should I use?; Check your audio settings; Add a single word to your vocabulary, Add words from your documents to the vocabulary; Increase accuracy from e-mail; Add a list of words to your vocabulary; View or edit your vocabulary; Run the Vocabulary Optimizer; How to manage and personalize your vocabularies

Module 23 (14:08)- Require Click Command Options, Use Active Accessibility; Electronic Medical Record Applications Restrictions; Choosing a Medical Vocabulary; Mouse Commands; Voice Notation


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