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Ordering Options

Our web ordering changed Friday, July 15, 2011. If you encounter any problems, please call at 602-375-0998 or 866-375-0998. We'll commonly waive domestic shipping fees for those who tell us about problems.

When ordering online, our normal shipping options in the US are Priority Mail and 2-day UPS. The option does not appear until after your address is entered during the payment process.

In addition to ordering online, we accept orders via e-mail to and telephone (602-375-0998 or 866-375-0998).

For e-mail orders, we e-mail a QuickBooks invoice which you can pay directly via American Express, MasterCard, or Visa. Alternately you may pay via PayPal. The QuickBooks e-mailed invoice system is the most secure electronic ordering system we offer, as no human sees your credit card information and the card information is encrypted throughout the order system. It is also an alternate mechanism if you do not have a Paypal account and order from a country where our Paypal shopping cart requires a Paypal account.

Please provide your name as you want it on the invoice and a shipping address (US Mail and/or UPS) in your e-mail, along with a list of the products you desire and any special shipping instructions. Government agency Purchase Orders may be accepted.

For professional products, we prefer discussing your purchase via e-mail or phone so that alternative products can be discussed if appropriate.

Book Orders

Option 1 (North America only)

Payment for US orders, $49, shipping/handling $12 via US Priority Mail.

Global Priority Mail is used for Canada, but we will warn you that time for Canadian shipments varies wildly.

Payment accepted online or via PayPal, including payments via Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

North America Orders Only!

Option 2

E-mail your name and shipping address to Within 24 hours (and often within an hour), you receive a return e-mail with an electronic invoice you may pay by American Express, Visa, or MasterCard. Please verify your US Mail shipping address from the invoice -- if not correct, e-mail a correction!. This is the most secure credit card processing method as no human sees your card number and it is encrypted during transmission. If paid by credit card, we are notified within minutes and ship.

Option 3

Phone orders are accepted at (602)375-0998. E-mail your address information (shipping and billing) to for more rapid processing.

Other Ordering Options

Dragon Resellers

Most North American and some foreign Dragon resellers can provide our Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking books. Pricing varies by quantity, minimum 5 books for discounted pricing.


IT Speaking in the UK has books in stock. See ITSpeaking-Books or e-mail

ECKHARDT Unternehmensberatung fuer PC-Spracherkennung in Germany has books in stock, e-mail, Barnes & Noble

The book is not normally available through Amazon or Barnes & Noble. As an extremely specialized book, it is not available in bookstores.

Shipping and Handling

  • Shipping/handling to other locations, by other means, or for more than one book, is $12 for handling, plus actual shipping cost.
  • For international shipments, we prefer shipping methods with tracking or insurance for high-value items. Global Express Mail (postal service) is our preferred carrier.
  • Postal Service costs and options are available at the US Postal Service web site,
  • Shipments to locations outside US may be made the day after an order is received.

Quantity Orders

A reduced price of $40/book is available for orders of 5 or more copies on a single order. Please place these orders via e-mail or phone.

PDF Versions

PDF versions of the Release 10 and 11 books are available for $49, deliverable via e-mail.


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