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Training and Consulting

Help comes in many forms. Ideally you'll have an expert at your side whenever you are using the program and encounter a problem. For the first few days of your usage of Dragon Medical, Dragon Legal, or Dragon Professional; this can be arranged -- we can “camp out” at your office while people are starting to use Dragon products. But for many people, this approach is too expensive or intrusive.

More commonly, people benefit from instruction to learn the product more quickly. Depending upon your needs, Softnet (a.k.a. pcspeak) can

  • Provide advice regarding deployment of these products for your specific situation
  • Evaluate your computer systems and suggest upgrades/replacements prior to deployment of Dragon products
  • Install Dragon products, working with your local IT people if desired
  • Provide basic instruction on utilizing Dragon products
  • Provide advanced instruction on utilizing Dragon products
  • Work with your IS staff to train them to train other users within your organization
  • In case of problems with these products, work with Nuance Tech Support to resolve or work around the problems
  • Customize Dragon products according to your needs.

Pricing can be established on an hourly basis or, for larger jobs, at a fixed price for a defined set of tasks. Call us to discuss your specific needs.

Prefer Written Documentation?

Some people prefer written documentation. Besides the manuals provided by Nuance, there are books available to users.

  • One book, Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11, is specifically aimed at customization. This book is applicable through Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 and Dragon Professional/Legal 15.
  • Another book, a Fastrack Learning Guide ($50), is suitable for a beginner learning to use the entire computer system by voice.
  • Specialized documentation is available for using DNS with Word, Excel, Outlook, and QuickBooks. E-mail us for details.
  • Training Videos are available. The best is one for Dragon Medical Practice Edition, also applicable to Dragon Professional and Dragon Legal

Want Personal Help?

Softnet Systems concentrates on servicing Arizona clients. We provide services to others via telephone, remote Internet sessions, and e-mail. I have over 40 years experience providing remote software support (yes, I was doing remote support in the 1970's!).

Referrals in Your Area

With speech recognition, we have learned that for some types of issues, face-to-face contact is extremely important. We can often recommend someone closer to you through our acquaintances with other Dragon resellers, trainers, and others.

Customization Services

Past customization services include command/macro creation, vocabulary building, and to a limited extent, programming using the NaturallySpeaking API. Contact us to discuss your customization needs, but as of late 2018 we will probably refer the work to others. Services are available to individuals looking to customize for their own use as well as to organizations customizing for broad-scale use.

Speech Recognition Sales and Support

Product support is available for purchases from Softnet Systems.


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